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Take Control of the Crime Scene
No more frantic scribbling on a yellow tablet to track and manage your crime scene. Now you can electronically manage people, track assets, and log evidence for on-scene emergency management.



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A powerful solution to quickly and easily manage people and assets for on-scene emergency management.  

Manage People: All personnel working the scene are entered into the system and given a barcoded ID badge that shows their identity, their assignment, who they report to, and so on. The person's ID badge is scanned before they are allowed into the scene. The system maintains an unalterable record of the comings and goings of that person from the scene. 

Manage Assets and Evidence: Allows you to barcode, document, and manage all evidence and assets collected while on location, giving you an unalterable chain of custody. 

Browser-Based: Wirelessly sync all captured data over a 3G network to your remote database.The appropriate and authorized personnel have access to the data instantly when and where they need it.

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Customer Quotes

"Now we can quickly find what we need in seconds simply by entering data, partial data into any field or combination of fields. It is super easy!" Elizabeth Lumsden - Bremerton Police Dept., WA