Custom evidence reportsDashboards & Tailorable Reports - A Chief's Dream Come True!

Unlimited, real-time reporting how, when, and where you need it. We go beyond the standard reports of other evidence management systems by giving you the power to generate any report in the exact format required.



We realize that no two agencies manage their property the same way, and may have unique reporting needs. Other systems on the market provide standard reports that may not meet all of your specific requirements, either in the information they provide or in the format in which it appears. You have complete control over what fields are used in a report and how they appear, there is virtually no report in any format that EvidenceOnQ cannot generate.

image.pngTailorable dashboards 

Seven different widget types to present your data. All of these widgets have group-level permissions, so users can quickly obtain the information they need for making decisions and taking action. These dashboard can also be quickly accessed with a desktop shortcut for users to acces dashboards that are specific to them. This is great for your Chief and other administrators to get the infomation the need instantly.

Available widgets are:

  • Bar graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Timelines
  • Gauge charts
  • Counters
  • Text (messages, tips, etc.)
  • Shortcuts (Data within FileOnQ or 3rd party applications)image.png



Included Custom Reports

We include a number of custom reports when you purchase the system— these reports are tailored to fit your exact specifications and requirements. This includes verbiage, design, logo, agency branding and more. 

  • Property Report
  • Inventory Report
  • Property Release
  • Notification Letter
  • Chain of Custody
  • Transfer Receipt
  • Dispo Review
  • Auction Manifest

Included Standard Reports 

We also include a number of standard reports:

  • Query Report: Gives the specific selection of records returned as a result of a query or search.
  • Audit Report: Shows the audit trail for all items by location and lists every location the item has been, the user who transferred the item, and the date & time the item was transferred.
  • Wait List Report: Lists the items that are flagged with a pending action; for example, all items that have an action or are on a waiting list. 
  • Retention Code Report: Lists all of the retention/disposition codes and the rules that are listed in the system that can be applied to individual items.
  • Retention Review Report: Based on the retention or disposition code assigned to them, lists all items within a selected date range that are eligible for review and possible destruction.

Match Existing Reports 

EvidenceOnQ can replicate or match any existing paper reports that you currently use. 

Create Your Own Reports at Any Time

Integrated into the application for general consumption, custom reports built using Crystal Reports are easily added to the product and made available through your central report repository. You have instant access to newly created reports while eliminating report distribution effort.

Generate Reports for Administrators

You can instantly generate any number of reports that your administration requires. Examples include guns, cash, or narcotics that are on hand, inventory or purge statuses, or just about any report you can think of. This helps keep your chief and others informed along with providing an extra layer of accountability and credibility for your department.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Because EvidenceOnQ can generate any form or report your agency requires, you no longer need to create or fill out documents by hand. This feature alone can save agencies hundreds of staff hours a year.


Sample Reports


The following sample reports are EXAMPLES ONLY! Your agency's reports will be designed to your own requirements.

pdfProperty Report

pdfProperty Release

pdfInventory Report

pdfOwner Notification Letter

pdfAudit Compliance Report

pdfChain of Custody |  pdfExample 2

pdfTransfer Receipt pdfExample 2 |
pdfExample 3

pdfDispo Review Report

pdfAuction Manifest Report

pdfLab Request




Evidence VideoRetention Review

 EvidenceOnQ offers many options for reviewing property and evidence on a timely basis. One option is the Retention Review Report. This built-in report enables a quick review of all items that are due for review within a specific timeframe. Another feature is to build custom queries that show specific items to be reviewed, such as all property retained over 90 days for which the owner has not responded to the owner notification letter. The flexibility of EvidenceOnQ allows each property unit to review evidence according to its own workflow, laws, and policies.

Evidence VideoProperty Sheet

Many agencies need to generate a property sheet after evidence has been entered into the system, to be submitted with the police report. The property sheet is one of six customized reports that are included with EvidenceOnQ and are tailored to fit each agency’s needs.

Evidence VideoAudit Compliance Report

One additional measure that should be part of Evidence Room procedures is to periodically conduct an audit of items. The “Random Audit Report” is the best way to do this since it will take a random sample of items from specified groups of locations (e.g., Drug room, Gun Room, etc) or from ALL locations and create a report from which the auditor will be able to go to the specific locations to confirm that the item is there.


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