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The Power to Manage Beyond the Property Room
QuartermasterOnQ gives agencies the ability to easily manage their officer-issued equipment, fixed assets, and even their fleet. One easy-to-use system with multiple applications.



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With the power and flexibility of our software, you can manage and track everything from uniforms, vests, and leather gear to weapons, radios, fleet vehicles, and more.

The system indicates whether a piece of equipment is in stock or assigned to a specific officer, while maintaining a complete electronic and unalterable history of each item. You can produce this history with a simple click of a mouse.

Many agencies use the same database to manage their fleet. QuartermasterOnQ will track when a vehicle was put into service, who it is assigned to, when it is due for service, and any major repairs that have been performed.

**Discounts Available!  If your agency is looking to purchase or already using EvidenceOnQ™ to manage yor property room, you can get the QuartermasterOnQ database for half price—a win-win solution all around.

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"It’s not a question of if there will be another multi-agency investigation. It's a matter of when." Detective James Trainum - DC Sniper Investigation

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We believe in the power of partnership and we currently have a number of companies helping us to provide a unified solutions for their users.

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