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[contentheading] We Can Help![/contentheading]Our consulting team consists of experts who have worked in the law enforcement field themselves and struggled with the "pen and paper" system, procedural nightmares, and audit and accreditation requirements.

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JustificationJustification Analysis

Providing the Evidence for High-Value Outcomes. We believe that changing established work processes or purchasing new products is not always the best use of time and money. Change has value only when it translates to real-world measurable benefits for your organization. 

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Needs AnalysisNeeds Analysis

Pulling Together the Pieces For a Perfect Fit. Our team of law enforcement specialists uses our Needs Analysis process to find the perfect fit for your organization. It is not about providing you a cookie-cutter solution, or something you do not need, but rather finding your real struggles and goals and providing you the right solutions, training, and support requirements.

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JustificationReturn On Investment

A Complete Cost Analysis. We know about the constraints and pressure when making a major purchase for your organization. Although many factors must be considered, the big question is whether you will see a return on your investment. We will work closely with you to provide any documentation or statistics you need to obtain peace of mind on your purchase and its long-term benefits.

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DataSharingData Sharing & Conversion

Your Data—Your Way! If you choose, our professional services team will work with you to import any data you already have. You can also import your own data into our system using our import utility—a drag-and-drop interface to link data fields from the Import record set to the EvidenceOnQ application data fields. Import designs can then be saved for later use. All business and data validation rules that are available during screen data entry are applied to imported data, helping to ensure its integrity.

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trainingUnlimited Personal Training.

Helping you develop the skills you need. After the installation of your system, we will provide training for your staff to get you up and running. This training is designed to help answer any questions you may have along with giving you an overview of the system. Even after your training is complete, you are not alone. We will continue to support you and offer ongoing training to your organization for as long as you maintain your yearly maintenance and support contract.

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