Custom evidence reportsDashboards & Tailorable Reports - A Chief's Dream Come True!

Unlimited, real-time reporting how, when, and where you need it. We go beyond the standard reports of other evidence management systems by giving you the power to generate any report in the exact format required.

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searchingUnlimited & User-Tailorable Searches

Find it your way quickly and easily. Virtually every field in your system is searchable. With very little information, you can easily find an item, case, or person.

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WorklistsLargeBannerWorklists - Pickup Where You Left Off

The items you need at your fingertips. A Worklist is a collection of items you are working with that have a common purpose—property to be auctioned, inventory items, letters to be sent, items to be destroyed, and much more.

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BarcodeTrackingCustomize & Tailor Your Barcodes

Your Customizable Scan-and-Go Solution. Barcode tracking is a proven and superior method for recording and tracking the movement of your evidence, assets, documents, personnel, and much more. 

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