SanDiegoPDSan Diego, CA (Jan 5th, 2011) – The evidence room at the San Diego Police Department upgraded to a fully computerized evidence management system. This will enable them to easily track and manage their property and evidence -- from crime scene to courtroom.

By implementing the EvidenceOnQ system developed by FileOnQ, Inc,, San Diego PD will see increased efficiencies that are estimated to save the Police Department several thousand staff hours per year.  EvidenceOnQ will replace manual forms, provide computer entry from a single screen, and eliminate repetitive, handwritten documentation.  With over 160,000 items received annually, this will provide drastic timesavings. This means more officer time on the street. The automated forms will reduce the need for manual corrections and provide more accurate information. 

Mayor Jerry Sanders said. "The new system will save us thousands of hours a year... That means less time writing and more time out in the streets."

The EvidenceOnQ software solution will not only save the agency time and resources in reduced staff hours, but also increase the confidence and integrity in their evidence management operations.  It will provide unalterable chain-of-custody and customizable reporting capabilities and the current status of any piece of evidence in seconds. The system also provides enhanced capabilities to easily purge and manage the evidence room.  This will ultimately create valuable storage space in the property room along with reducing the number of hours it takes to purge property and evidence.

Chief Shelley Zimmerman said. "This will push us into the digital age and allows us to monitor all evidence at one time.”

The San Diego Police Department’s adoption of the evidence management system from FileOnQ, Inc. will allow them to serve the community better. Officers will spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on the street. Property and evidence rooms will be automated, streamlined, and more efficient. This will provide confidence in the integrity of their evidence data, reduce liability, and include a solid chain of custody that will bring convictions.